About Us

We live in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Housing is expensive here!

We are a military family, raising 2 kids, both are 'exceptional children" in their both ways. They both attend special classes, but one for a learning disability, the other because they're more advanced. We made the hard choice to be a one income family to be better equipped to handle homework, and doctors appointments and whatnot. It seems like a never ending cycle of cooking, laundry, and homework! I don't know how we managed to get all of this done when we were both working!

With that said, when we bought our house, we looked for something that was 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, and low on the price range, but in a decent neighborhood with good schools. Well, we found that in a modular home! Granted, it isn't the nicest thing in the entire world, and the previous owners had some seriously bad taste in paint and colors, but, we're working to make it our home, and to transform it into something that doesn't LOOK like a modular home, while working on a minimal budget.

This is our journey! I hope you come along and join us!